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November film guide


Cosy up at The Red Dragon Centre this November and check out ODEON’s upcoming movies.

Whether you’ve come for the thrills of Black Panther 2, the chills of Watcher or the trills of Matilda The Musical, these are the upcoming films you can’t miss. More at 

Fancy a bite to eat before your film? No problem! We’ve got a whole feast of restaurants, cafes and bars to tempt you.


Release date: 4.11.22

Julia’s stylish new apartment would be perfect, were it not for the silhouette in the window across the street, and the creeping suspicion that her observer is the serial killer slaying the city’s young women. Chloe Okuno’s movie is nothing like the usual slasher schlock, with the director preferring to artfully spin a psychological nightmare that will follow you out of the cinema. Praised by The New York Times as “one of this century’s most arresting tales of female anxiety”.


Release date: 11.11.22

Arguably the year’s most anticipated MCU movie, Black Panther 2 picks up a daunting gauntlet after the real-life death of original star Chadwick Boseman, but smashes it with a thrilling new story that finds Wakanda fighting for its own survival.


Release date: 18.11.22

Inspired by director James Gray’s own ’80s adolescence in Queens, New York, Armageddon Time is a coming-of-age drama whose social injustices land a gut-punch. Michael Banks Repeta plays Paul, an artsy Jewish-American kid whose endearing friendship with classmate Johnny (Jaylin Webb) hits the rocks when the pair are caught smoking cannabis and the black teenager is assumed to be the instigator. As Paul is moved to an elitist private school, Johnny is forced from his life, but the boy’s grandfather (Anthony Hopkins) teaches him the importance of challenging the status quo.


Release date: 18.11.22

Smart, satirical and blood-spattered, The Menu is a skewering of high society baked into a black-comedy unlike anything else you’ve tasted this year. Tyler (Hoult) is the obnoxious young gourmet who wins the chance to dine at the hideaway restaurant of enigmatic Chef Slowik (Fiennes). But his girlfriend Margot (Taylor-Joy) senses something terribly wrong as Slowik’s cult-like staff ring the dinner bell, and when the evening darkens into a nightmare of severed fingers and burnt hair, you’ll pray she makes it through to dessert.


Release date: 25.11.22

Roald Dahl’s classic 1988 tale of a bookworm’s quiet rebellion was already a hit stage show – now the creatives behind the West End smash bring Matilda to the big screen with more jokes, new songs, added naughtiness and an extra helping of A-list stars. Newcomer Alisha Weir plays the lead with a twinkle in her eye while This Is England’s Stephen Graham is irresistibly odious as her conman dad, but the smart money says Matilda will be stolen by Emma Thompson’s monstrous child-hurling headmistress, Miss Trunchbull.


Release date: 25.11.22

Disney’s D23 event was buzzing over this hilarious planet-hopping family animation, and on November 25th, Strange World picks up where Lightyear left off. Simple farmer Searcher Clade (Jake Gyllenhaal) has always felt like the poor relation to his famous-but-missing explorer father. But when the President touches down in his yard and enlists Searcher’s whole family for a do-or-die space mission – in which they’ll brave giant squids, acid lakes and bright-blue talking slime – this accidental hero might end up worthy of the surname.


All film release dates are correct at the time of publication. Dates are subject to change. For information on film ratings, please visit the BBFC website.

Image @ ODEON


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