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Matt tells us something about Mary!

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Now an adult with three kids, Michael finds out that his childhood home will be repossessed unless he can pay back a loan. His only hope is to find a missing certificate that shows proof of valuable shares that his father left him. When all seems lost, Michael and his sister receive a surprise visit from Mary Poppins – the beloved nanny from their childhood…

Mary Poppins is an all time favourite of mine. I grew up watching it, so I was a little bit wary of seeing the sequel. Will it live up to expectations? Will it do the original justice? Will the new cast members’ fit?

Suffice to say, I left the ODEON at The RDC pleasantly surprised. The music, casting and story were ‘practically perfect in every way’. There were plenty of references to the original, and they even managed to weave some of the original music into the odd scene.

It was great to see an appearance from original cast member Dick Van Dyke too – oh, and see if you can spot a very grown up Jane Banks (the actress who originally played her makes a very small cameo at the start).

If you’re a Poppins fan, don’t miss this. It’s well worth watching!

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Have a great crimbo!


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